New Accounts
The following information will help you to begin using your account. When [domain] is used, this refers to the domain you are hosting with us (such as

Remember that the domain is not accessible via the domain name until DNS servers have time to update. This could take 24-48 hours. If is not your registrar (if we did not register the domain for you), be sure to enter the DNS servers listed below at your registrar. If is your registrar, you do not need to worry about these settings, but will still have to wait for the updates.

To determine if the updates have occurred, you can ping your domain. If a ping returns an address of, then the updates have occured. To ping on a windows machine, click on start, click run, type "command" and press enter. At the prompt, type "ping [domain]" and press enter.

The web-interface allows you to easily add email accounts, add ftp accounts, and complete other common tasks. Access to the web interface, ftp, and SSH interface is available immediately, even if access to your domain needs to wait for DNS updates. To access these interfaces immediately, use the domain of instead of your domain where [domain] appears. Once the updates occur, you may then use your domain name.

Domain [the domain you registered with us, such as]
Username [the username emailed to you at time of sign up]
Password [the password assigned to you, or the password you updated]
FTP Access point an ftp client or browser to ftp.[domain]
Web Interface browse to [domain]/cpanel
SSH Interface point an ssh client to [domain]
POP Email Incoming - mail.[domain]
Outgoing - mail.[domain]
If you have not done so, please change your password when able. You can do this under Site Management on the web interface

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