SynWare Web Hosting Agreement (v2) - Updated: July 2004
I. Introduction
SynWare Web Hosting rents server space to its customers allowing them to share Internet web content to the general public. This service allows customers to provide Internet websites, access their server space via FTP for uploading and downloading files, and send/recieve email. It is the responsiblity of the customers to make sure they use these services within boundaries of all State and Federal laws. Customers agree that any material uploaded does not infringe upon these laws. SynWare is not responsible to, and will not attempt to, control or modify any information placed on our servers by users. In the event that customers place information that is illegal on the servers and SynWare is notified by authorities, we may be forced to terminate Customer's contract without notice.

II. Content
Customers are not permitted to resell web-hosting services of their website to other parties. Customers may not infrigne upon intellectual property of SynWare. Customers may not run IRC bots or clients. Unacceptable uses of our service also include: Bulk emailing, unsolicited emailings, and newsgroup spamming. Mature content is not regulated by SynWare. Subjective determinations of what does or does not fall into one of these categories is soley the decision of SynWare.

III. Resources
Maximum bandwidth may not exceed 5 GB in one 24-hour period, regardless of package type. Utilizing more than 20% of the CPU consistently may be grounds for the process to be killed. This is necessary to prevent misuse of the server and any ill effects on other customers. 3 MySQL databases are provided with each account. Contact for pricing on additional databases.

IV. Backup
SynWare is not responsible for duplication and protection of data on the server. Special back-up packages are available in the business package. Contact for more information on data backup options.

V. Uptime
SynWare has an average 99.9% uptime across the network. We guarantee this uptime to all customers. If we do not provide this uptime, we will give you an additional 5 Gig of transmission the following month. If we fail to meet this uptime 2 or more times in a 6 month period, we will give you a free month of service. This is limited to one month per 6 month period.

VI. Domain Registration-Renewal
Domains are purchased or renewed on a yearly basis. If a customer cancels his/her account before their contract has expired, they must pay the remainder of the registration fee for the year to obtain rights to the domain.

VII. Payment and Notification
All payment reciepts and notifications will be sent via email. It is the responsibility of the Customer to provide an updated email address at which we may contact you. Payment is expected to be recieved on or before the date determined during the sign-up process. SynWare may or may not provide leniency in payment dates. You may cancel your account at any time.

VIII. Scheduled Downtime
In the event that SynWare must experience downtime for server or network maintenance, we will contact Customers at least 3 days in advance. The downtime will be scheduled at a night period (EST) to provide maximum uptime for the majority of Customers. This downtime does not count toward a free month of service as mentioned in section V.

IX. Liability
SynWare will attempt to protect, but is not responsible for loss or damage of data due to hackers, hardware failures, or any other means.

X. Agreement
SynWare and Customer agrees to all stipulations of this contract and attests that they are of legal age to enter this contract. In the event this contract is entered on behalf of a business, the Customer must have power to agree to these terms for the business.

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